Saturday, January 20, 2007

Looking for Reading Ideas?

There's a great little web site / tool called LibraryThing in which people "catalog" their books. Sounds pretty simple and only moderately interesting.

The cool thing is that you can search anyone's library (see my set of books (all fiction) ) -- and if you find a book you like, you can use LibraryThing to find more books like that using "tag clouds" and amazon-like "customers who bought this book also bought THAT book". Only LibraryThing isn't commercial and since it's all done by people, the suggestions are usually much better.

Here are some examples of entries for popular books in my library:

If any of those books interests you, click on the link to see more about that book (including a book cover!), tags, reader ratings, and various recommendations.

It's a great way to find more books to read!!

This is called Readers' Advisory in library-land, and if you like this idea, talk to your librarian for more suggestions to find more books YOU want to read.

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