Wednesday, November 28, 2007

International Adoption Resources

VeryMusicalFriend just adopted a baby from China.  I sent her the following email and thought others might find the resources helpful as well:

I just read this review of web sites and resources for international adoption and and to send it to you:
The resources are for people trying to adopt kids but also for dealing with what happens afterwards. Here's one site I thought you'd really like ... in case you don't have time to read the whole thing. :-)

Rainbow This is a volunteer-based advocacy and information center for international adoption founded in 1996. Since 2006, expanded its advocacy to include special needs adoption issues. One of the most valuable resources on this site is the online monthly magazine, with searchable archives back to 2001. Articles feature international issues, such as caring for African hair, learning about Mongolian spots, and handling family tree assignments at school. There is a searchable events calendar that covers all states. The site is sustained by contributions by adoption agencies and sponsorship ads, which are clearly marked as such. Access:

Clark, Janet Hyunju. "INTERNET RESOURCES: International adoption: Education, advocacy, and discovery resourcesCollege & Research Libraries News, November 2007.  Vol. 68, No. 10.

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