Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Video & Audio for Learning

A friend highly recommends the Teaching Company video & audio files for learning new things.

She has listened to tapes on Science & Religion which were interesting & informative & accurate.

I searched the wmrls catalog for material produced by the Teaching Company and was thrilled to see almost 300 entries!

These include a six-video collection entitled Algebra 1 & 2 ; you can borrow both the video and a two-part course guide.

There's also a CD (or video) called The American Mind, by Gettysburg College professor Allen C. Guelzo, which offers "A broad survey of American intellectual history ; a history of the ideas, the thinkers and the institutions that have mattered most to Americans" in 18 CDs + 3 course guidebooks.

Or you could listen to 8 lectures delivered by Professor Robert Greenberg, San Francisco Conservatory of Music. This one is about Mozart, but there are several in the series entitled Great Masters / [musician], His Life & Music. Most are on CD, but some are available on video as well.

I'm sure you could find even more @ your library!

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